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Amanda-Jayne Nutritionist

Health Practitioner






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  • No more crash diets that don’t work. Shed weight without starving and ...

  • Gain confidence to wean your baby and create a healthy eater.

  • Ready for change? Kick start your health today!


I had the pleasure of eating highly nutritionist delicious food over the weekend by Amanda. Highly recommend any advise Amanda has to give on nutrition. You know it comes from a deep knowledge base and purpose to improve your well being.

Matthew Burrows

Amanda has really helped me to get my health back on track. She has taught me some great food swaps, new recipes and educated me so much about nutrition. I highly recommend her! She is excellent and what she does.




A mum of two beautiful little girls I love helping families create healthy little eaters.


Qualified with a BHSc in Nutritional Medicine and certified as a Lifestyle Coach, I take a holistic view of health looking at all contributing factors that could be affecting you from reaching your goals.


My goal is to provide diet & and lifestyle advice with easy and attainable habits for lasting results by sharing easy, nutrition & and lifestyle health tips and tricks.

I'm passionate about creating healthy and tasty recipes for the family to enjoy that nourish and fuel growing and changing bodies.

I offer weaning tips for bubs helping to make the transition to solids stress-free and fun!

  • Learn What To Eat For Your Body

  • Make Your Favourite Recipies Healthier

  • Healthy, Nutritious Meals & Snacks For the Family

  • Weaning & Food For Kids

  • Manage Stress / Anxiety 

  • Improve Your Mood, Focus & Energy 

  • Improve Gut Health

  • Weightloss

  • Feel Vibrant, Physically & Mentally



Amanda Jayne

Nutritionist | Health Practitioner

Online & Face-2-Face Consultations 


Evolve Health & Wellness Co.

Sydney, Australia

M | +61 (0) 411 264 467 

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